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Action Alerts
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2016 Conference

2016 Conference
NMSHA President Krista Claflin and President-elect Sandra Nettleton welcome members to the breakfast and business meeting at NMSHA Convention.

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Job Openings
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The New Mexico Speech-Language and Hearing Association is recognized as the statewide authority in audiology and speech-language pathology.

Number of SLPs and Audiologists statewide: 244 members
Mission Statement
The mission of the New Mexico Speech-Language and Hearing Association is to promote the interests of and provide the highest quality support services to audiologists and speech-language pathologists and to promote the prevention and treatment of communicative disabilities for the people of New Mexico.

Purposes of the Association include:

  • •To encourage basic scientific study of the processes of individual human communication with special reference to speech, language and hearing
  • •To promote investigation and prevention of disorders of human communication
  • •To provide a forum for the exchange of information, methods, and techniques related to speech, language and hearing among persons and organizations, to disseminate such information and to foster educational opportunities for association members, interested professionals and professionals in related disciplines
  • •To advocate the rights and interests of persons with communication disorders
  • •To promote the individual and collective professional interests of the members of the Association
  • •To promote appropriate academic and clinical preparation of individuals who are entering the discipline of human communication sciences and disorders and promote the maintenance of current knowledge and skills of those within the discipline
  • •To foster improvement of clinical services and procedures concerning such procedures
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